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Well, I Just Needed To Start Writing Something…
This is how my foray into tech blogging is going to get started

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April 24, 2019


I would sit down and start to write, and then I would think of something else to do. This is how my foray into tech blogging started out and really it wasn’t much of a beginning.

For a long time I have been telling myself that I need to blog more about technology. You know, share my experiences, maybe some tips and tutorials, show off some tricks I have learned over time, that sort of thing.

I have been working in the tech world professionally since I graduated High School in 1996. Even before then I was dabbling in desktop publishing and believe it or not was the copy editor and then later editor in chief of my school yearbook. I have always enjoyed writing and journalism and in those days I had dreams of becoming a journalist.

I was born at just the right time to have the traditions, experience, and training in the “old ways” and to be an early and easy adopter of new technology. As the internet grew even more widely adopted and ubiquitous people quickly figured out how to use the internet as a platform. Suddenly anyone could be a journalist, and anyone could be an expert, anyone could be a published writer.

One of the kids we worked with in Tecate, Mexico from the Kumiai.

When I first went on the mission field I wanted to use my passion for writing and storytelling as part of my mission and to bring awareness to the orphans and struggling families where I was working. In many ways, I was able to tell those stories, but life quickly intervened.

When the economy took a downturn and donations literally dried up overnight, I had to find some way to use my skills to help cover the losses of donations so that we could continue to work with the orphanages and provided services. I found work freelancing as a video editor and then as a web developer and that took most of my writing time away.

Really my distractions were just excuses. Even as I sat down to write this post I thought of half a dozen code tweaks, emails, and podcasts I wanted to go over, read or listen too.

So I spent most of my working time coding and never had enough to keep up with my writing. For a long time, I wanted to start writing about technology, but I always found a reason not to. Really my distractions were just excuses. Even as I sat down to write this post I thought of half a dozen code tweaks, emails, and podcasts I wanted to go over, read or listen too.

So here I am now, writing away. I learned that I really need to just start writing and find the time to share some of the things I have learned over the years as a freelancer and a developer. I have benefitted from hundreds of tutorials and white papers written by people just like me, so now I hope to add my voice and experience to theirs and help another new developer like those before helped me.

What's next on the horizon?

So what’s on the horizon?

So my hope is to write a couple of posts a week. I’ll write some tutorials and I’ll write some posts about what’s new in the tech world. I plan on writing about things that are coming up a lot lately, and the requests that I have been getting lately.

Some stuff I have already planned:

  • Understanding Page Speed and Performance
  • Three Powerful Ingredients of Page Speed
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • The Importance Of Schema.org Mark-Up to SEO
  • Micro Interactions and jQuery/CSS Animations

I also have developed a WordPress theme framework I call Dizzy7 and I want to write some posts about its cool features. I wrote it for myself, so it is not one of those just WYSIWYG sort of themes, but I want to write about some of the techniques that I developed with this theme and how I use it really squeeze a lot of performance out of a site.

Things like:

  • Properly enqueing custom fonts and Google Fonts
  • How I added the custom micro interactions using simple css classes
  • Using theme hooks to insert content into the framework without having to create a child theme

Finally, there is something else I am really looking forward to; Cyber Security and Forensic Investigation. I am currently working on getting CISSP Certification
(Certified Information Systems Security Professional). I am really looking forward to learning about forensic hacking investigation and preventing intrusions, and information theft.

So here’s looking at a new adventure, stay tuned to see what pops up!

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