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Write Me Something Beautiful

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July 5, 2018

Write Me Something Beautiful - Website

Write Me Something Beautiful is a website that is hard to categorize. It is a passion project of Casey Gauntt a father who tragically lost his son to a drunk driver. He would later find solace in writing and blogging, and the site has become a collection of his works as well as his son’s works.

The site has transformed into a collective work of other people who have experienced loss and found hope and comfort through writing and features essays and stories from a number of people who have been influenced by Casey’s story.

The site has inspired two documentary films, and a book and regularly has over 500 unique visitors a day (Purely organic search and social media driven). It has also inspired a second site Heron Earth (which I also helped develop but hasn’t had a design update in a very long time) by Casey’s wife and daughter which is a blog dedicated to comfort food, and an annual scholarship awarded to aspiring authors.

I developed the site and the logo and I am occasionally requested to update the design and add functions to the site, but Casey manages the site and produces all the content on his own.

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